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As an online accommodation suppliers, we let you build your own holiday by giving you access to a wide range of cheap hotels, saving you money and it’s great to know that you can book with complete confidendence with Guest Hotels – here’s is why:


When you book accommodation through Guest Hotels, the money for your hotel and transfer is stored in an independent trust account. This account is governed by strict rules, and we are not allowed to access those monies until you have returned from your holiday. This means that unlike the majority of our competitors, we do not spend that money running our business, so if something does goes wrong with your booking and we need to refund your money, we can do so a lot more easily. By keeping these funds separate means we can act a lot quicker and with more flexibility, in case we need to. All of this means that when you book a hotel with us, you can book with confidence, knowing that your money is secured.

Guesthotels,  is not a principal, Guesthotels act as an agent for several hotels and accommodation suppliers. During the course of our business we enter into commercial agreements with suppliers or other partners i.e. (Hotels and resort Transfer companies). All our partners are selected among the top providers in their industry; however, we shall not be liable when their terms and conditions or privacy policies are different from ours. You are encouraged to review our partner’s policies. But remember as we give your money and a separated account, your money if safe.

Guesthotels is a trading name for Sunways Holidays Ltd, Reg. No. 12648425, 
Registered Office – Sheer House, 46 Houghton Place, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD1 3RG.

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