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As the birthplace of Western Civilisation and Democracy, Greece and Greek Islands act as idyllic and stunning holiday destinations. Both mainland Greece and the Greek Islands use the Euro as their only form of currency. Travellers who visit mainland Greece can expect to spend four hours flying, and upon arrival will be in a time zone that is three hours ahead of London’s GMT. The same time differences apply to all of the Greek Islands, but those who fly as far as Rhodes can expect to spend up to 4.5 hours flying.

Due to the diverse nature of Greece and all its islands, there is something there for everyone. However, the Greece holiday you choose should be based on what you prefer to do. For those who want to be submerged in a blend of Greek cosmopolitan living and Ancient Greek ruins, Athens is the ideal destination. As the largest city in Greece, Athens offers archaeological wonders like the Porch of Caryatids and original Byzantine churches. If you want to delve further into untouched Greece, head for Kefalonia. As a small Ionian island that is growing in popularity, it has not yet become part of the usual tourist trail. The sunny shores of Skala and Sami both blend Greek Orthodox Catholic culture with a handful of welcoming authentic Greek restaurants.

If you want to experience the side of Greece that offers parties and fun-filled family activities, head to one of the other Greek Islands. For many years, Crete (pictured below) has catered to families and young travellers alike. While the party resort of Malia is filled with clubs, the capital Heraklion and seaside resort of Bali mix Greek culture with British comforts. Each resort is within easy reach of a thrilling water park, which provides visitors of all ages with hours of fun. Both Kos and Corfu offer similar benefits to Crete, and those who would rather visit an island that is ideal just for families should try Zante.


Greece and the Greek Islands experience hot summers and mild winters. From the months of May to September, temperatures range between 21-30 degrees, with July and August experiencing highs of 30 on average. Throughout the winter, temperatures average 14 degrees, with relatively little rainfall.


In terms of cost, Greece holidays can vary according to where you visit. Typical prices on the mainland are:

Item        Price
Loaf of Bread £0.60 – 0.85€
Bottle of Water £0.39 – 0.54€
Pint of Beer £3.22 – 4.50€
Bottle of Wine £4.82 – 6.80€

Prices on the smaller Greek islands, like Kefalonia and Rhodes, tend to be lower. This is particularly the case for beer and wine.

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