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Javea, on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, is the perfect holiday destination for those looking for sun, sea, sand, and a bit of history. This small seaside resort is a favourite with travellers for its lovely weather, stunning mountain and sea views, and interesting archaeological sites. In addition, Javea boasts great restaurants serving fresh Spanish cuisine and tantalizing wines and cocktails.

What to see and do on a Holiday to Javea

Most travellers on a holiday to Javea come for the fantastic weather and healthy climate. This is one of the sunniest spots in Spain, and the temperatures here are warm year-round, with pleasant breezes blowing off the water. The long sandy beach is protected from heavy winds and rain by two rocky outcroppings on either side of the bay, as well as the towering mountain of Montago in the background. This makes Javea the ideal place for sun tanning, water sports, and walks through the surrounding countryside and hills.

Javea holidays

Javea rests in a region that has been continually inhabited for almost 30,000 years. Evidence of the people who settled here in the past can be seen in the cave paintings on Montago in the Montago Natural Park, the Roman ruins, Visigoth monastery, Moorish gravestones, and 18th century windmills. The fascinating Old Town and historically rich sites in the surrounding areas of Javea are a history buff’s dream.

Those looking for a taste of Spain on their holiday to Javea will not be disappointed, as this small beach side resort has a surprising number of excellent dining establishments. Even small family-run restaurants here serve only the freshest seafood, caught that day and grilled or steamed to perfection. In addition, there are plenty of bars along the seaside promenade and nightclubs in the Old Town that serve up superlative Spanish wines and contemporary cocktails.

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